Kimberly Faye Greenberg





With deft skill, she brings Fanny Brice back to life on the recording,

allowing modern audiences a chance to enjoy a taste of the woman

who inspired the hit musical FUNNY GIRL.


Taking on the persona of Fanny Brice, Kimberly Faye Greenberg


with the razzle dazzle and showmanship that made the performer a

true star and legend in her own right. With a brassy belt, a

powerful nasal timbre that is used to add emphasis, and a delightfully

light alto instrument, Kimberly Faye Greenberg pristinely channels

the renowned icon as she performs.


"One Night With Fanny Brice" Album Reviews

On this superb disc, you’ll find that the Ziegfeld Follies star who’s so closely associated with Streisand comes to life anew thanks to Greenberg’s fine work. She’s actually played Brice in a trio of shows, and this album is based on her one-woman show dedicated to the singing comedienne. What’s great about Fabulous Fanny is that it resurrects, tunefully and hysterically, so many of the songs that Brice performed.


One Night With Fanny Brice 

Cast Recording

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One doesn’t expect a cast recording to replicate the show itself, but by the end of One Night with Fanny Brice, I was ready to applaud.


Greenberg has no reason to worry about dispelling the audience’s memories of Brice herself or Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl. She can belt out a song or deliver it with tenderness. Her dramatic abilities allow her personality to come through the recording and it is possible to imagine, if not see, facial expressions and body language. That kind of transition from a theater or cabaret stage presentation to a CD is itself a rare event.

The prime Brice material is all here. “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” gets a particularly strong reading by Greenberg...


The two “Rose” specialties, “Rose of Washington Square” and “Second Hand Rose” are here in full renditions and the indispensable “My Man” is made all the more affecting because the relevance of the song to Brice’s disastrous relationship with Nicky Arnstein is interspersed between choruses.


...the recording has Greenberg being accompanied by pianist Mark Goodman and violinist Jonathan Russell. The violin does make the sound a bit richer, and Russell’s playing is tenderly supportive, but it is the vocal performance that dominates all of the 24 tracks of the album."  


For any avid musical theatre lover Kimberly Faye Greenberg has brought Fanny Brice back into the spotlight, this CD is a must!          

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An effervescent toast to Fanny Brice


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-Andy Propst, American Theatre Web



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On Fabulous Fanny, Kimberly Faye Greenberg has done a great job at bringing to life the wonderful music of Ms Brice – and I think anyone listening to it will be surprised by the number of tracks they recognise – and ensuring that she is accessible to future generations. A lovely album that should be in everyone’s collection and played whenever you feel like you need cheering up.

4stars PXzfhxwS

-Terry Eastham, London Theatre 1


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